Kim’s Trial 07.09.12

Planted below at night on 05.09.12.                                                                                Ingredients:-  100 Lts of Tank Water,  175mls Vega A,  175mls Vega B,                      55mls Hydrogen Peroxide, 3 tps Hydrocloric Acid (appro 10 to 1 mix)                     Set timer at 15min on & 30mins off, starting 6.00am 06.09.12

List of Plants:  Top  Row                                                                                                                                                  2 x Beans ,  2 x Tomatoes                                                                           Middle                                                                                                                                            2 x Cucumber, 2 x Egg Plant, 2 x Lettuce, 2 x Squash, 2 x Zucchini                  Bottom                                                                                                                                      2 x Broccoli, 2 x Cos Lettuce, 2 x Cabbage, 3 x Strawberry, 1 x Basil, 1 x Chives,          ]1 x Dill, 1 x Parsley, 2 x Rocklet Salad, 1 x Thyme


Friday 24 August

The plants seem to have exploded in the past week or so – not sure if it is the warmer conditions or something else but can’t complain. We have tasted our first beans from the plant and compared them to supermarket bought. They appear to have a “beanier” flavour but obviously we ate ours straight off the vine as opposed to the being a few days old from the supermarket.

But that is the beauty of our system – pick on demand!

I planted 2 strawberry plants last Wednesday and they are already noticeably bigger and we have our first strawberry growing already!

This weekend we will harvest some basil and make some pesto – the basil looks really healthy and I reckon the stalks can go in as well as they look nice and green, not woody like some of the older plants produce.

I have some update photos below – last Wednesday I pulled out one of the parsley and the beetroots to transplant. There is a picture below of the roots on the parsley. No wonder they are growing so quickly. The basil leaves are quite large – I saw another guy on the web growing basil and some of his leaves were as big as your hand.

We have a new design and Kim is on the job today to make a new system. Our next project will be for Peter and I to build a cloner so we can grow new plants from our existing.

Wednesday 15th August

All still appears to be going well. Leaves are green and healthy and plants are still growing. We have been harvesting lettuce and parsley and it continues to grow.

The good news is that we have beans growing (as per pictures below). Only small at this stage but they have virtually sprung up overnight.

Only issue has been the water in the tank is getting quite warm during the day – I have removed the heater but this wasn’t the issue. The issue is likely to be the sun warming the reservoir. I will put some old blankets across the top of the reservoir this morning and see if that helps.

Monday 6th August 2012

Back in town – the plants have continued their strong growth in my absence. The lettuce is read to be picked. I picked some of the parsley yesterday. Tastes exactly like it should so that is a good sign. Will pick some of the lettuce in the next day or two. The beans are starting to produce flower and sprouting so they should really take off from here. The tomato plants are extremely strong and look great. I am 6-7 weeks behind Suzy;s plants in the garden and i think have achieved around 70% of the growth so the technology looks like it is working.

The plants are sucking up the water at a rapid rate. Suzy had to add around 30l of water while I was away even though I topped up the tank before I left. Tomatoes are a very thirsty plant but the overall water uptake is substantial – maybe 15l per week. While some may be through evaporation, I don’t expect much would be due to this.

Some latest pics:



Hi dad,

we heard a silly sound coming from the plant thing and we had solved the problem by adding more water but the PH wasn’t right so mum added some acid.

Then the PH was too high so mum added some bicarb.It’s right now.

Here are some photos look at them now





Hi Daddy look at your plants


the Ph level is 6.20

here are some photos


The plants are still healthy and growing well.

Here are some pictures – by Erin Jones